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Quality assurance at ITF-EDV

We guarantee our customers quality. The realization of different requirements is an important aim of our daily work. An independent department consisting of 6 employees deals only with quality assurance. Internationally recognized software testers (ISTQB Certified Tester) are working at our company.


We use special methods and tools for the quality assurance of our software solutions:

Our quality assurance process

  • Automated generation of the complete system (Build)
  • Daily, automated tests according to regulations of quality assurance
  • Automatic sending of test results to quality assurance
  • Analysis of test results and, if necessary, debugging by our development department
  • Extended tests before software release

Our test methods

  • Component test (developer tests / White Box tests)
  • Integration test (Black Box tests)
  • System test (Black-Box tests):
    • regression tests
    • interface tests (user interface, GUI tests)
    • installation tests
    • communication tests
  • Acceptance test (Black-Box tests)
  • Mass test (performance tests and stability tests)
  • interruption test
  • Smoke test
  • DEBUG test




Tools in use


  • Product-specific test tools with
    • automatic test reports and
    • automatic target/actual comparison
  • Microsoft Visual Studio C++
  • Rational Purify Plus
  • TTS (= trouble ticket system) Bugzilla
  • System monitor